LGBTQ Resources

Welcome to the landing page for the LGBTQ community resources at Oklahoma State University! Please find below and to the left links to LGBTQ specific resources available at OSU

All Gender Restrooms - a complete list of all-gender restrooms on the OSU Stillwater campus

Community Listserv - LGBTQ community email listserv for OSU

LGBTQ Safe Zone Training - a training to identify and educate allies to the LGBTQ community on the OSU campus

GSA Leadership Summit - a one-day summit for high school students interested in LGBTQ leadership

Trans Trunk - clothing closet specifically designed for the LGBTQ community of OSU

Trans & Non-Binary Students in the Classroom - information for navigating chosen/legal names and pronouns in the classroom - for both faculty and students


Further OSU Resources for the LGBTQ community

Regional Resources for the LGBTQ community


Have questions on resources? Have additional resources for the OSU LGBTQ community? Contact Irissa Baxter via email or at 405-744-6538